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What is Coaching for? When is it valuable? Who might benefit?

  • For seniors, managers and leaders, coaching is a fantastic opportunity to work on, and through, areas of doubt, worry, anxiety; to develop leadership strengths which are rooted in self-awareness.
  • Coaching provides an opportunity to explore, creatively, better ways of working.
  • Coaching delivers more profitable and simply happier ways of working and ways of being, which create better work/life balance. 
  • Sessions are often the only time busy people explore what they really want and get to the bottom of what's holding them back. Put simply, a time for much-needed self-focus which can give work effectivity a real boost.
  • Coaching can focus on very particular issues such as a business development goal, a refinancing plan, a new product or service development, etc. Or, it can focus on an ongoing 'abstract' concern about personal performance, career goals or behaviour patterns.
  • Whatever the trigger, coaching is goal-oriented and highly practical in changing negative patterns of behaviour, practice or interpersonal actions.

How does it work?

  • Usually coaching involves more than one session; a plan is made which reflects the timescale of the underlying issue. Typically coachees sign up for 4-6 sessions spaced weekly to six weekly. Most sessions are around 1.5-2hrs

  • Rosie's style and approach is 'subject-neutral', however, it's always possible to have an agreed strategic agenda (especially where an employer is paying for coaching) which is transparent to all parties. All sessions are completely confidential

Mentoring for Qualitative Research

Campbell Keegan Training and Coaching offers mentoring as an integrated coaching offer, or as an explicit arrangement. In coaching the agenda 'belongs' to the individual client. Mentoring more specifically relates to sure-ing up, critiquing or 'teaching' aspects of research practice. It can be seen as a hybrid between coaching and training.

Comments from Recent Clients:

" complete oasis..I have simply made discoveries about myself which I almost certainly wouldn't have made without coaching, because I would never had ever tried the feedback thing we planned."

"What I have really liked is feeling its my solution.."

"I find I look forward to our sessions like going to the hairdressers, only to have my mind re-done..!"

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